Anjin – Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Located in a small strip small you would never expect to eat such great quality cuts of beef, seafood, chicken, and pork. Yakiniku means grilled meat dishes. Quite similar to Korean BBQ, however with different types of cuts, I actually believe finer cuts, and different dipping sauces. Be prepared as Anjins opens at  5:00pm every day, and they close at 1:00am. However there is always a line as the restaurant is fairly small, also be prepared to not be in your Sunday attire as you will leave smelling like bbq’d meats. Once you’re seated a waitress will drop off some hot towels for you to wipe yourself down and clean your hands. From there she will deliver a place mat, small plate, utensils, and some dipping sauces. One is a little thicker and reminds me of a garlicky soy sauce, while the other one has a ponzu soy to it. You can also ask for hot pepper to add to your sauce, alongside they also have gochujang which is a Korean hot paste, and pureed garlic. Most people prefer to have an ice cold beer with their bbq, I prefer water, however they do have a few Japanese Beers on tap.


Tonight we went with their Prime Boneless Short Rib, the Prime Outside Skirt, Pork Cheek, Sausage, & Beef Carpaccio. We also ordered on the side of assorted Kimchi, Apple Salad, and White Rice. The first to come out was the assorted Kimchi, which is pickled cabbage in a hot pepper paste, it’s not spicy so don’t worry about the red color. Also different variations we received were Kimchi Radish, and Kimchi Cucumbers. This is an acquired taste so no one will judge you whether you like it or not, I personally love Kimchi has it’s basically pickles just fermented a different way. Next up we received our Apple Salad which is a bowl of mixed greens, different types of seaweed, slices of apple, shredded carrots, and a light dressing. I love this salad as it’s very refreshing and flavorful without being overwhelming, the simple flavors along with the dressing become quite addictive. Next up was the Beef Carpaccio which is slices of beef, I just wish a little thinner, raw and drizzled with some sauce, I personally also ask for their lemon sauce on the side and dip this in as well, it’s slightly cooks the meat a little, and adds a refreshing bite. I know raw slices of beef, well you never know until you try. Finally the rice came out and our proteins started arriving on plates presented simply, yet beautifully. Each platter arrives with orchids, as well as some veggies you can also place on the grill. The best thing is you cook your meat to your own liking, I prefer medium rare as these pieces of meat are thinly sliced so they don’t take long to cook at all. My friend personally preferred hers well done and to be honest at that point for me the meat is not as tender. Cook your meats over the grill, dip it in your sauces, and then eat it with rice. I personally loved all the selections of meat, my must haves each time here are the Prime Boneless Short Rib, The Prime Outside Skirt, and the Sausage. The Pork Cheek I expected more from but tonight all of the beef delivered. Also the tiny little sausages that look like hot dogs, judge not before, they’re delicious and once grilled with a nice char the outside casing has the perfect crisp bite. Service is always great and the waitresses and waiters working are always so attentive and very quick to refill your glass of water. To finish off the meat they serve you hot tea to cleanse your system out from all of the fatty meats. They offer dessert as well but I didn’t make it there this evening since I indulged in their meats. Anjin is highly recommended if you personally don’t mind waiting and cooking your own food, it’s very fun and interactive, and also unlike melting pot, Anjin is delicious!

Restaurant – Anjin

Location – 3033 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contact – 714. 979.6700

Cuisine – Japanese, Bbq

Anjin – Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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