Diho Siam – Costa Mesa, CA

Located just across the street from Triangle Square is Diho Siam, tucked and hidden besides a Jimmy Johns and Jamba Juice. This location has been here for quite some time and is always busy with hungry patrons.


The staff is very friendly and always attentive, very eager to suggest popular items. Thai food is filled withbold flavors, beautiful aromas, and a great spicy kick.


We started off with their Spicy Meat Larb Salad, you have the option of selecting ground chicken, beef, or pork. The traditional way it’s done is with pork, but considering I’ve been great at the gym, I opted for chicken this time around. Served on a bed of lettuce, traditionally served with cabbage, and a side of sticky rice. The meat is cooked, then cooled down, and a vinaigrette is then added, along with some fresh veggies, and a finely toasted sesame powdered rice is usually sprinkled on top. Usually one of my favorite dishes, however this time around their vinaigrette was too sweet. The dressing should be tangy, with just a hint of sweetness, and a kick from the fresh chilies. We also ordered the Combination Spicy Fried Rice, I enjoy this dish here as I love food on the spicier side(I think you see a pattern by now). They use a lot of Thai basil and if you’re familiar with the aroma, it’s very pleasant. This was offered with shrimp, pork, chicken, & beef. The rice had a nice slight char from the wok, although the egg seemed absent this time we still ate this right up, portions are very generous. The last dish we ordered was the Crispy Catfish in a chili sauce. We were definitely very disappointed in this dish as it was overly salty, and there was no crispiness to the batter of the fish at all. The sauce was on the very sweet side as well, so I’m just assuming this was just the chef of the day. I’ve been to this restaurant several times and have always had a great experience so we won’t fully judge them on a one off day. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Restaurant – Diho Siam Restaurant

Cuisine – Thai

Address – 1835 Newport Blvd – D154, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Contact – 949.645.3259

Diho Siam – Costa Mesa, CA
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