Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – Irvine, CA 92606

In America this may seem strange, but in Japan revolving sushi on conveyor belts is actually quite common. Microchips are placed underneath the plates so that each piece of sushi going out/around is timed perfect so that the food is always fresh. Kula recently had some renovations to their restaurant and it’s been great. Food is constantly moving around on conveyor belts, but should you not see something you want, you can always order directly on the tablet above. There are two separate belts, one with revolving food, and another belt that will deliver your food directly to you that you’ve personally ordered. The great thing about Kula is everything is very quick and efficient. The food may not be five stars but honestly it’s still pretty good and really fun. I would not suggest going in a group larger than four, at this point expect to be separated. Kula offers all sorts of sushi from Nigiri’s, to rolls, hand rolls, ramen, udon, appetizers, and desserts! They offer fresh wasabi to each table once seated, which I really appreciate, the taste of fresh and packaged wasabi is completely different as the package is pretty much horseradish. The majority of their plates only cost $2.25 a plate, at this price the food is a complete steal. Other items such as their appetizers and noodles cost more but still very inexpensive. My always go to is their toro, still buttery and delicious, I recommend with their ponzu. Other dishes I always order are the seared salmon with Japanese mayo, Hokkaido scallop, sweet shrimp, and their soy sake marinated items. Be sure to try their crispy rices with either crab mayo avocado, spicy tuna/salmon topped with a jalapeno. Their soups are not bad either, if you need something to slurp down while finish all of your sushi it’s a great option. Once your dishes are cleared, there is a slot where you slide your plates into that keeps count, while the tablet also gives you an order history. Service was great, the workers were very tentative with us. Since the renovations I would have to say the restaurant is extremely busy now, I would suggest going to eat at off times unless you’re willing to wait. Might not be so terrible in this plaza as there are so many different options, maybe you can go to 85 bakery and shop while waiting as well. There are many options to explore here at Kula, bring your family, I’m sure this will be an eye opener to picky kids and having them try out new items since it’s so hands on. Be sure to finish your meal with their Japanese Style soy Milk Donuts, it’s a tiny portion with a fry bread, ice cream, and a caramel sauce drizzled on top. I enjoyed this so much I had two orders! I hope you are enjoy this fun experience.

Restaurant – Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

Location – Diamond Jamboree Plaza – 2700 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

Contact – 949.553.0747

Cuisine – Sushi, Udon, Ramen, Japanese Food

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – Irvine, CA 92606
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