Mix Mix Kitchen & Bar – Santa Ana, CA 92701

Formally with the Patina group is Chef Ross Pangilinan who has already created such a wonderful reputation for himself in the industry. Mix Mix is located in downtown Santa Ana, an area where they’re trying to re renovate and in my opinion, make it into a hipster town. The restaurant is split into two sections, more of a restaurant side with an open kitchen, while the other side had a bar besides it. I came on their opening night, I did make reservations so we were seated almost immediately. Very simply designed and dimmed lightening.

We were given some complimentary side dishes to start with and try. The freshly made chicharrones with some chili lime seasoning was just perfect. I could seriously easily eat a bags worth by himself. We also given a small plate of their complimentary succulent pig, juicy tender meat with crispy skin and a bright salsa verde to go with it. Very good, however not going to be on the menu :(. We started by ordering their Albacore tostada, the flavors were bright and delicious, my only complain was that the tostada shell itself did not stay crispy and had a stale like texture bc it was either not fried long enough, or the juices and sauce softened it. Chorizo & Potato croquettes, easily my favorite dish of the night, served with a jalapeño lime aioli. Crispy little balls of a creamy mashed potato, mixed with chorizo, battered and fried. Topped with pickled onions, a nice aioli, and fresh lime wedge to be drizzled over, the flavors were perfect and beyond delicious, they need to keep this on the menu. I love my foie gras and it just so conveniently happened to be on the menu, served with a bunuelo which is basically fried dough. This was lightly dusted with sugar, and served with a charred pineapple. I wish there was more bunuelo served with this dish, the foie was cooked perfect and the sweet components helped keep the dish lively as foie is so rich it needs acidity which the pineapple compliments it very well, you would love! For our large plates we went with the hanger steak, and their special agnolotti of the night. The hanger steak was cooked perfect, medium rare, served with a loaded mashed potato purée, everything was delicious! The shallot marmalade and peppercorn sauce such a wonderful idea to pair the steak with. Hanger is difficult to cook, but once executed correctly you have magic. The agnolotti was cooked al dente, however this is biased as my friend chose this dish, she loves fall flavors and I’m just not a fan of pumpkin spices, turkey. Yes, this contained all of that. I personally didn’t care for the pumpkin seed pesto as there was a spice or herb I don’t think went well, turkey was very salty as also. If you love fall flavors then you will enjoy this, but if you’re like me, then you most definitely should pass. Overall experience was nice, amazing how well it went considering this was their opening night. We skipped on dessert and drinks but was told this is a must here. I would definitely return again, chef Ross is heading definitely in the right direction and I’m glad he chose to leave Leatherby Cafe to share his creations independently.

Restaurant – Mix Mix Kitchen & Bar
Location – 300 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Contact – 714-836-5158
Cuisine – Tapas, Fusion, French

Mix Mix Kitchen & Bar – Santa Ana, CA 92701
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