Mr. BBQ – Fullerton, CA

Mr. BBQ is definitely not your average buffet although it is AYCE(all you can eat). Located in Fullerton, Mr. BBQ is filled with tons of delicious types meat and banchans that are fresh and endless. Banchan in Korean is referred to small dishes to be served alongside with your food. They typically offer at least 15 types of banchans ranging from spicy sweet pickled cucumbers, to curry noodles, and even fish cakes. Warning, this place is definitely not vegetarian or vegan friendly, unless you plan on eating some of their banchans, rice, and salad.


There typically is always a wait, so unless you arrive early, or super late, expect to wait at least 30 minute at the minimum, well worth it of course. Koreans have an alcoholic beverage called Soju, it’s typically flavored, be careful although it may be tasty, it’s a little creeper and will definitely get you buzzed, if not drunk. We decided to go with the watermelon, peach, & strawberry soju. The flavors were great, the sweetness did dominate the alcohol, but trust me, there is a lot of alcohol in there, served with some pineapple, lychee, and a maraschino cherry. Make sure to tell your host at the front and she will be glad to add that directly to the bill so you won’t have to have separate checks. This will definitely make your wait time go by quicker without having to twiddle your thumbs around aimlessly.


There are two options when selecting their AYCE menu, a $23.99 option, or a $31.99 per person option. Keep in mind all parties must order from the same menu so you can’t split for example 2 persons selecting the $23.99, and one person having the $31.99. I typically go with the $23.99 option as that already offers 29 different types of meats/seafood, and ways of it being marinated with different flavor options. They also offer a bean paste soup, tofu soup, cold kimchi noodles, and their infamous steamed egg which is very soft and pillowy, reminding me of a custard and a must order. Each person is given a small dipping tray, one with a sweet soy, and the other with a flavored salt. Make sure to ask for sesame oil with your flavored salt as this will be used to dip your meat in, sounds weird but trust me this goes very well. If you like a kick to things, make sure to ask for their spicy chili and to add this to your sauce plate, or directly onto your food. My personal usual order usually consists of Beef Brisket, Beef Belly, Short Ribs, Beef Tongue, Finely Sliced Pork Belly, and their baby squid. Along with the pictures they do offer rice with your food, rice paper wraps, and a pickled daikon wrap as well. As you can see I like to place the wraps on a small, and build from there from lettuce, then whichever banchans I decide to add. Once the meat is cooked I dip the meat in the sauces and place it on top of everything and take one big bite, flavor explosion. Yes you do cook the meat yourself, but you have the option of having it crispy, which actually goes well with some of the meats, especially the pork belly, to having your steak such as a short rib cooked medium rare. This is a very fun and interactive way of eating, don’t be afraid to ask your waiter for help as everyone here is extremely friendly.


To finish off your glutinous meal they do offer a scoop of vanilla ice cream, now that’s if you even have any more room left in your stomach, quite frankly, I never do. I am a frequent patron of Mr. BBQ and highly recommend everything they have to offer. Never do I leave unhappy and hungry. Give it a try and let me know what you think, enjoy!

305 North State College Blvd, Fullerton CA 92831 – Contact – 714-441-0000

Mr. BBQ – Fullerton, CA
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