Sea Salt Woodfire Grill – Huntington Beach, CA

Just a few minute drive from the waters is Sea Salt Woodfire Grill, located in Huntington Beach. Santa Maria style cuisine which is emphasized in the barbecuing, typically served with salsa, and grilled French bread. The restaurant itself is decorated very well, very rustic looking, yet with a modern twist. The servers were all very friendly and helpful. They also provide different seasoned salts to pair with your food which I thought was very cool.

For our appetizer we decided to go with the Tri Tip Nachos, that’s served with a manchego cheese sauce, cowbow caviar(beans, fresh veggies, citrus), and Santa Maria style beans. This dish had a lot of potential, however the execution was not played well. The chips were inconsistent, some you can tell were fresh and delicious, while a great handful was very stale making the dish unpleasant. The cowboy caviar gave a great additive, and the tri tip was cooked very well and seasoned beautifully. However the manchego(cheese) sauce and shredded cheese had already cooled down so the dish was more of a cold nacho than warm. This dish with a few tweaks could be so much better. The well-known popular and anticipated dish of the night was their Smoked Santa Maria Tri-Tip & Linguisa. The tri-tip was amazing! The seasoning was just right, and their tri-tip was cooked perfectly. The meat was so tender and flavorful that you absolutely did not need to pair it with their seasoned salts. I would most definitely come back here again for the tri-tip. The linguisa had a great crisp, very juicy and flavorful with a good kick to it. The pairing came with beans, salsa, and some bread. Personally I love my brown sugar baked beans so I didn’t care for their beans, salsa was nice but not necessary, and the bread was most likely to help fill you up. As a side dish we ordered the pork belly mac & cheese. There’s few things you should about me and one of them is that I absolutely LOVE pork so I automatically had to order . Very cheesy with a little bite, however the dish was much of a letdown as the cheese pairing really had no flavor, their cheese should’ve had more salt to it, or a more sharper balanced cheese. The pork belly was crispy still and nice so I enjoyed the extra texture. Last but not least we ordered the pork chop(I told you I love pork), this was more tomahawk style with a large bone. While the meat was nice and paired very well with their flavored salts, it was a little bit overcooked, had it been cooked about 5/6 minutes left this dish would’ve been that much better. Overall the food was good, but I highly suggest going for the Tri Tip & Linguisa plate. The prices are great, and you can always make reservations online. At night they have a large bonfire on the patio and offer blankets so you can cuddle up and have a nice dinner.

Give Sea Salt a try and let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy.

Restaurant – Sea Salt Woodfire Grill

Address – 21214 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Number – 714.804.5545

Sea Salt Woodfire Grill – Huntington Beach, CA
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