Texas De Brazil – Irvine, CA 92602

A meat lover’s dream is what I could describe Texas De Brazil. A Brazilian inspired restaurant that specializes in slow-roasted seasoned cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and sausage. Gaucho’s known as cowboys walk around with grilled meats on a large sword, you are given a card with green on one side, and red on the other. When you want more meat you flip it for green, and when you need a little break you leave it on red. The gaucho’s walk around and stop at each table with freshly grilled juicy meat and they carve it at your table. Some meats they can place on your plate, whereas some you will use a mini tong you are given to take it from the sword and place on your own plate. I pretty much tried almost every type of meat they offered for the night. Once you are seated they offer you a little bread basket of their Brazilian cheese bread called Pao de Quiejo which is a tapioca based flour. Delicious and the texture to me is wonderful.


They also offer a side and salad bar which is buffet style. With about 50-60 items, you have plenty of options. Selections from salads, to cheese and charcuterie, and hot items. The soup for the night offered was a lobster bisque, however I didn’t try many of the items offered since I wanted to devour on my carnivorous adventure of meats they offered, which were 16 different types of cuts. Although eventually I had to come back and get items such as buttered rice, and some acidic items to cut the fattiness of all the meats.


My favorite of the night had to be their Garlic Picanha, which is the most popular and known cut in Brazil, it’s a sirloin cap which is similar to the loin. It is cooked with the fat cap, but then removed once served, so you get the fatty flavor without the fat. Their normal Picanha was delicious, but I’m a huge fan of garlic. The flank steak was extremely juicy and cooked perfectly tender. The Brazilian sausage had a great crisp skin outside, yet the inside was still very moist, with a delicious spicy kick. Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon is an obvious must, who doesn’t like bacon? Lamb chops are also an option, as well as parmesan crusted meats. This is served alongside their mashed potatoes, as well as a roasted banana in bits of brown sugar and cinnamon. The great thing is once the meats are done, the gaucho’s immediately serve it so you will always get a hot piece of meat that’s still juicy. They bring out a tray of desserts that you can select from, obviously at an additional cost but by the time I had finished eating, there was no room left for anything so I opted out. I would recommend a nice glass of red wine to go with all of the meats. Service was great and the workers are very attentive and friendly. I would most definitely come back to Texas de Brazil if I’m ever feeling carnivorous again. I hope you give this place a try out and let me know your experience.


Restaurant – Texas De Brazil

Location – 13772 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92602

Contact – 949.209.1500

Cuisine – Brazilian, Steak, BBQ, Churrascaria

Texas De Brazil – Irvine, CA 92602
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