Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe – Huntington Beach, CA

There aren’t many true healthy restaurants around that cook Fresh, Natural, Gluten Free, & Paleo foods. Quite frankly the majority of vegan & vegetarian restaurants have so many deep fried dishes now, most people don’t realize how unhealthy it is. Xa promotes better health as everything they cook is more lean, less salt, but still packed with flavors. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, & desserts. They’re also very known for their cookies which are delicious, you would not even guess that their pastries are gluten free, & paleo. They even utilize lentil flour in some cookies just to give you an idea of how creative they get. Personally I’ve gone here for lunch and dinner, they pretty much offer the same menu. I typically go with their Build your own Entrée option, which is also all gluten free & paleo. Typically they offer about 10 different types of protein. I’ve tried their pork loin, chicken breast, & wild cod, all cooked very well. With Build your own Entrée you start off by picking a protein, then a sauce to go with it which they place on the side, and finally you get 2 side options ranging from noodles, soups, salads, to veggies. Best of all, each order comes with a free cookieof choice and what they have to offer that day!

This time around I went with their wild cod, gluten free noodles, and asparagus. The cod was cooked just right, still very moist yet flakey. The flavor was okay, however they do offer a light sauce for you to dip on the side for a reason. Asparagus was sautéed perfectly, and my gluten free noodles were different, they were a little more crisp, and a glass noodle, however I still enjoyed it. The tamarind sauce is very strong, next time I would just stick with their chili lime, and it’s not spicy so don’t worry. The second option we tried was the chicken breast, with garlic noodles, and asparagus. The chicken was very flavorful as it had an herb crust, the chicken itself was still very moist, and of course the asparagus once again was cooked just right. For this option we chose the chili lime sauce, it’s very light with a lot of flavor, from sweet, savory, with a tiny kick. If you prefer spicy food such as myself I would ask for a side of their chili paste, definitely once of the best I’ve had. It’s a spicy satay that contains chili oil, lemongrass, and I’m not sure what else but I added this to everything on my plate. The cookies we chose were the rocky road, and their matcha green tea. Both cookies were delicious, moist, and very flavorful. They had over 15 flavors to choose from so you’ll probably be tempted to buy more additional cookies to try. Eating delicious food can be healthy too, give Xa a try and let me know what you think. They also have another location in Orange as well.

Location – 21202 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Contact – 714.969.2900

Cuisine – Healthy Fusion

Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe – Huntington Beach, CA
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