Tanner’s – Huntington Beach, CA

Located at The newly Built Pasea Hotel & Resort and Pacific City overlooking the beach is Tanner’s. The restaurant is stunning from floor to ceiling views of the Ocean. Make sure to request outdoor seating as you will see in my image how gorgeous it was. I came here as the sun was starting to set and the views are just breathtaking.

Entering the restaurant I was greeted by two very friendly & sweet hosts, they offered indoor/outdoor seating as I opted to sit outside. Immediately I was greeted by my server for the night Aaron, he was very fun, friendly, and attentive during our dining experience.

We started off by ordering the Burrata & Blistered Grapes on Bread. A large slice of a sourdough baguette, grilled with burrata placed on top, blistered grapes, balsamic glaze, prosciutto, & micro greens. This dish was good, however it could’ve been great. I believe they should’ve used a country white toast or French baguette as the flavor of the sourdough did not compliment the burrata well. The grapes could’ve been more blistered, however they were still sweet but that caramelization would’ve been nice. The burrata was delicious, creamy, and fresh as the microgreens added a nice touch/texture. The prosciutto was good, not too salty but enough to compliment the overall flavors. Presentation was a bit sloppy and definitely could be worked on.

Our next dish was their Fried Calamari & Shishito Peppers. I really did enjoy this combination as the calamari was cooked very well and still tender with a perfect crisp. The shishito peppers were delicious, don’t be afraid as shishito peppers are not spicy and are very mild. This was paired with fresno chili peppers which have a slight kick, microgreens, and a thai chili sauce. The sauce I didn’t really care for as I’ve tasted very similar from Asian store bottles, and not the good kind. I would’ve been pleasantly happy with just lemon wedges. I would definitely order this dish again, personally for me with sauce on the side and just lemon wedges.

We finished off our meal with the Brined & Roasted Pork Chops. The flavors of the dish were wonderful with tons of spicesand seasonings, however a little overcooked, I personally prefer my pork chops with a little pink inside still. The pork itself was stilloverall tender with just a few dry spots. Cut into two pieces for convenience with once piece being intact on the bone still.

Served with purple roasted cabbage, potatoes, red peppers, and I believe a cilantro sauce. The cabbage was cooked perfectly, had a nice char, but the crisp texture still remained. Potatoes were perfectly seasoned and blanched. The red pepper gave a nice nice texture and fresh taste. As for the cilantro sauce, if I had extra bread I would’ve cleaned the cast iron staub the dish came on, even though I kind of did already with the pork.

Great experience, beautiful breathtaking views, and awesome service. Prices are reasonable and they also do offer a rooftop lounge above the restaurant. Next time I come back I will try their 60 day dry aged Tomahawk that goes for a steeping $155.00. I hope you enjoy your experience as I did, & let me know what you think about Tanner’s if you’re able to dine there.

Tanner’s – 21080 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 – Contact 714.698.6130

Tanner’s – Huntington Beach, CA
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